i am age.

My name is Adrian Arroyo and you're probably wondering, "How can I become a Creativologist in Integrated Designerology?" Well, it's not easy. It requires complete commitment and involves a training regiment equalled only by that of the U.S. Navy Seals. 

In actuality, I'm a creative. Or a designer. Or a consultant. Or whatever is needed. I don't believe in labels and never feel that my contribution to any project begins or ends with a title. Hence, my title. My goal is simply to do great work and get even better work from the team around me. I find inspiration in everything – street culture, advertising, comics, title sequences, fashion, children's art. But no matter what, I make sure to always remember one thing above all: This is a business, not an art show. And being such, different rules apply. Forgetting that can be the difference between success and failure.

I think of myself as a true global citizen and, as such, understand the power that a term like "multicultural" holds. But I also see how in the world today, it's evolving, gaining even greater diversity through Ambicultural, Bicultural & Transculturation. It's a new world. Find a creative lead that understands it – by the way, I mean me.